T-Series Shallow Water Fin

  • Our fin design increases stability and tracking by providing over 80 square inches of surface area. The T-Series fin depth measures less than 3 inches allowing access to incredibly shallow water. The streamlined design allows weeds to flow past the fin without snagging, providing a weedless experience and the fin's minimal leading edge greatly reduces drag.

    Constructed of marine grade aluminum, the T-Series fins are extremely rigid and offers superior protection for your fin box. All of our fins come with mounting hardware, fin key, and buffer pads and are compatible with US style fin boxes and inflatable slide-lock boxes using an available adapter (sold separately).

    The T-16 is recommended for paddle boards with more concave and/or 11 feet or less. The T-19 is recommended for paddle boards 12 feet or longer.

    Proudly made in the USA

"The ease of travel through and over shallow or under water obstacles makes all the difference. The low fin profile provides more maneuverability and control in tight or crowded spaces. The improvement over a traditional SUP fin is remarkable, I highly suggest upgrading to a Big Up SUP small or large fin, you won’t regret it."

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