Our Story

Here's how it all started...

Last year, a group of us paddled out to a sand bar in the causeway here
in Dunedin, Florida. As we were relaxing in the sun having a cold one,
the tide went out. That tends to happen around here, but this time was
different. It left us with 4-5" of water for the mile trip back. As we
walked our paddle boards and coolers back to shore, it got us talking
about why we were walking in the first place.

So our search began for a shorter, shallow water fin that we could use
all the time without compromising performance. We thought it would be
easy to find but it turned into months of searching and testing
different fins without a solution. So we started talking about what it
would take to make the ideal fin. With our backgrounds in design and
fabrication, it was a natural next step to order a sheet of aluminum and
start making prototypes which lead to the creation of the T-Series fins.

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